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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heading home...

We had a great day yesterday!.. The weather turned out to be delightful...very warm in the sun..wind picking  up as the day went on...we parked our chairs near 16 green..thought it would be perfect.. It was amazing to see all these empty chairs set up..we heard later that people pay some of the workers to go in and set them up first thing in the morning.. It's one bothers your chair..someone may be sitting in it upon your return but they get right up and move we wandered a bit.. Checking some of the early action.....then trundled over to amen corner.. Not a big crowd to begin with..we watched all the early groups go through..we saw two most amazing things at you all know..depending on your drive you can go for the green in two..for instance..jordan was on in two and barely missed his eagle putt so birdied to go to five under (i think) ...anyway..ricky hit his drive into the woods ..then hit his second into the gallery on the right..not a good shot but possibly all he had from where he the crowd stands back and he hits a horrible wedge into rays creek..takes a drop..then skulls one over the green and proceeds to three putt from there..the dreaded put it kindly..then we watched duffner pull his second shot into the azaleas..took a drop.. chunked one to the side of the green (not a pretty view from where he was..)..and then chipped/putted in for par!!.. amazing!!..I had to save this since we were leaving for the airport..i'll post this and then more's actually Wednesday and we leave Friday for Georgia.. lots to chat about..

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