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Friday, April 15, 2016

On the road...

Oil on gallery wrap canvas

So here we are in marietta, georgia...sipping a scotch and savoring our safe journey from columbus to here!!!!.. Getting out of dodge was not that it turns out...last night i was doing one more load of laundry and went to throw it in the never started!!  It filled with water all right..then nothing! i spent what felt like hours hand wringing towels and sweat pants, etc...did i mention hand wringing??? em all dried but now....are they clean or dirty?..they spent some time in soapy water but didn't get rinsed...such a quadry...but on to the packing...i always get accused of over packing..there's a very old saying among good buddies.."be heavy..."...dont remember how i ever came up with that one...But i do have may have something to do with my inability to make a decision...or wanting to have, maybe..?..i do know davey retore his shoulder trying to get my bag out of the car when we went to bandon there's that...ok.. Back to packing the car...we have a bar that goes across the back..window to hang stuff on..we already had our golf gear..davey's stuff..some of my stuff...but then I had a few more things i thought i might have to know what  happened!!!! husband is a saint!!!.. He was in the kitchen.. Preparing MY dinner...and had to come out and fashion a jerry rigged duct  tape thingy...which actually worked for a while..til i tried to move some of the stuff so i could see better (I do most of the driving..)...broke again!.. So then we glued it and duct taped it and then wired it...and we almost made it past louisville!!!! everything's lying in a heap back there and we don't even care since we are on VACA!!!!!! this is another painting I dropped off at addison's bakehouse is on the back burner this week.. All about golf and dogs..we were just thinking this may be the last time they get to make this we want to make it the best ever!!!.. Add friends to that mix.. Some here.. Some not able to be here...very bittersweet... 

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