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Sunday, April 3, 2016


so proud and humbled to hear that my painting "sample Gates" has won best of show in the first ever juried exhibition at the Venue in Bloomington, Indiana!!.. and I couldn't even be there!!.. I was planning to head over after attending a celebration of life for a good friend..but there were wind gusts of 40-50 mph!!..that road to Bloomington is just too scary to be traveling with high winds!!..the weather was so bad that I got a call from my neighbor in Valparaiso telling me one of our trees had fallen in the back yard..across her driveway and almost taking out a car in the neighbor's yard next to that!!!.. we have to spend the next day figuring out what to's responsible for clean-up..who will pay the deductible..(US!!)..then Tuesday we head to augusta for the masters...practice round on Wednesday and first round on Thursday!!..wish us good weather!!.. but meanwhile I am thrilled to be so honored for my "Sample Gates"!!

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  1. Mom that is awesome… Good for you! Keep rising young lady :-)