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Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Her grandmother's peonies"

Oil on panel

This painting is one of several in a show at our visitors' center...the opening reception is april 29th and the show runs til the end of june....come check it out!! i need to fill you in on this place...our island..the one we've been coming to for forty years...all of a sudden feels a bit strange...we drove by our old house..not really sure if we should or not..but decided to get it out of the way and then we'd never have to go down that street again!  ...they have totally redone table to sit around out on the upstairs porch..we played lots of games and had lots of food and cocktails on that table..gone...but there's a big wooden swing should one feels the urge...saw a peek at one of the triple bunk beds  in the twin room...they did a marvelous job on the outside bushes, walkway, etc...but...we dont need to go back...

Now..back to our rental...we arrived yesterday and spent about an hour trying to figure out which condo was ours.. Wrong house key..actually the key was in the back with a punch code..but the back yard was gater and locked..thank heavens a neighbor came to our rescue..this place is clean..and most importantly dog friendly...and that's about it!... I would have posted yesterday but we had to use my iPad to stream stuff on the tv.. Uverse...we get ten 
Channels..four of them infomercial challels and one of those is in spanish...the thermostat

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