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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Augusta... photos yet..we drove right by famed magnolia lane but of course it was blocked!!  It looks so much bigger and longer on tv!!..nothing comes across fom this course..the hills and just dont know til you see it in's been 23 years since we drove down and bought tickets at the gate for the tuesday practice round.. Or maybe it was wednesday..we saw the magical par three absolute jewel..but this much later neither one of us remembers if we actually saw anyone playing on it!!.. I swear we did!!.. I Do remember watching jack and arnie and gary playing together and i got lots of pics..also all the golfers were supposed to get a photo op and we saw a bumch of those..including our own indiana boy fuzzy!..we are all set for the par three tomorrow.. Hope to take some photos with our camera tomorrow but not sure i know how to...and now i have to quit and bone up on some masters reading!!  Stay tuned.. Ps.. Watching jack's amazing win in 86 on golf channel.. All golfers know where they were on that day...

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