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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Practice round

Still no photos.. We left our cell phones in the room.. Took our cameras.. One of which died just as i was geared up to photograph some drives on the 18th...we discovered jordan, zach, duff and jimmy walker a few holes earlier and followed them a bit.. And I was set to get some driver swings but ah a few shots of swings all through the day..did a ton of walking...did i mention yesterday that if you are in the atlanta airport and you have a choice of taking the shuttle or walking from your gate to the baggage claim...USE THE SHUTTLE!!!!.. We kept thinking we would come upon it...but NO!!!!...anyway..i finally got my fit bit working and according to the read out i exceeded the 7500 steps i was supposed to walk today by twelve and a half thousand!!!.. Do not know if that's possible..but it sure felt like it!!.. And once again we were totally blown away by the elevations! many hills.. Up and down...these pros have to be in such great shape to walk this course five straight days!!..we had a great free breakfast at the special hospitality place with our package..then had lunch on the course...chicken sandwich, egg salad sandwich, 2 bags of chips, a diet coke, a beer and a water for fifteen bucks,,,,... Can not beat that!..we are heading to a dinner with our group this evening and already have our badges..."Badges???.....we dont need no stinkin' badges!!!!"... For tomorrow.. So we dont have to show up at the crack-O!!...i got some sad news today... Found out our fiend vicki has gone to heaven.. Blessings on her family..

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