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Saturday, November 6, 2010

am i finished?

just home from a very windy golf day! buddy cb and i were vying for most improved on the back...we always do that - and we were so neck and neck the whole it turned out we each improved 5 strokes so it was a tie!!!! we were both thrilled considering the conditions - probably a 3 club wind for most of the day and very cold. my hubby and i didn't really pack for cold -no turtlenecks - it's usually nice here and will be back in the high 70s and maybe 80s by midweek. BUT - i had a fabulous idea strike me and at the turn i grabbed a whole slew of potty paper and wrapped it around my neck - i looked a bit like katherine hepburn in her later years but boy was i warm!!!!!..cheapest scarf i ever had! and good for lots of laughs! not sure about golf tomorrow - it may be windier than today - but it's so protected up on the porch upstairs i'm sure i'll be able to do some more painting. and i can properly photograph my magnolias and post that tomorrow.

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