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Monday, November 1, 2010

last night...

this is my very fabulous and "ghoul-friendly" his own personal get-up
and this is can't really see how awful my hands are...all covered in blood and green skin and black nails.....actually not that different from the every day, now that i think about it.....

well....we almost thought we were over it! - since we haven't been home for maybe 2 out of the last five years, we think some of the folks may have thought we were out of the business of haunting. (in past years, people would drive in from other neighborhoods and then drive off) i mentioned, the frenchies were the first ones here and then several other groups - just after 5 - sun shining, birds chirping, the farthest thing from a scary scenario...and then..not much at all for a good long while - we were almost thinking maybe we could hang it up - this monster we've created - but then, things started to happen! - we got lots of kids after dark - one little boy came in and said: "thank heaven's you're back! we missed you!!" mom knocked on the door and asked us to turn off the strobe light so her son who has seizures could come up to the house. as they left, we heard her saying" see? now you can go home and tell your dad you went to the witch's house!" a couple of dad's with cameras started howling when the fog machine went off at just the prime moment to scare the bejeezes out of their sons! - i think next year we'll take the camera to the front door so we can get pix of the little goblins like they take pictures of us!!! almost forgot - tillie and ollie came over with their parents for some soup and some haunting... tillie's gotten very brave when she's around the witch but ollie...not so much...he said "gan, i'm not scared of you..i'm scared of the paint!!!"

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