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Thursday, November 18, 2010

back home again...

i haven't been able to post for a while...we ran out of our wifi hours in georgia and i couldn't quite get the i was very hard to type in the right spot! - we left the island on monday...drove about 8 hours and stopped in our favorite doggie motel in murfreesboro tennessee. ruby did well, altho i was frantically following her around so she wouldn't have an accident. we ordered our usual pizza and hit the sack fairly early....and the rain had the morning, as we drove into nashville, we had memories of all the flooding last spring. we almost didn't make it home then - and we almost didn't make it home this time...but not because of the flooding...but yes, because of the rain. we drove through torrential rain - cars were spun out on the side of the road, we hydroplaned several times... we wound our way through an accident that had just happened, marveling that had we been there a few seconds or a few minutes earlier, it may have been us...i am a very careful driver - i like to drive fast but not in bad weather and i really believe in DISTANCE!!!! - and thank GOD! -i could have been turning to talk to davey..i could have wound back the audio book we were listening to...both of which i did often...but for some reason i was staring ahead of me at the road..bad visibility, lots of rain and there in my lane directly ahead was a fed-ex truck - jack-knifed and on it's side - IN MY LANE!!!! and another car between us and the truck and i could not slam on my brakes because of the weather! - i don't know how we managed to stop! - obviously i have things to do here yet on earth because i could so easily have been chatting or looking away for even the briefest of seconds - so we drove on - grateful to be alive - cherishing every moment -GOD is indeed good and our guardian angels were definitely working overtime!!! now we have finally re-entered - bills, papers, unpacking, laundry, ruby's first appointment and we find she has parasites...then today all hell broke loose when the neighbor's dogs broke through the fence...sons-a-bitchin bumpuses!!!! tomorrow i start on a huge project. i think i mentioned that linda callahan asked me to do a special santa painting for the room she's decorating at the inn at irwin gardens. there will be a silent auction of 30 pieces of mrs. xenia miller's famous creche collection and all proceeds will go to the united way. my painting will also be up for auction - it's going to be very different and i'm really excited about it - when i finally get to post it - just picture it as 3 feet by 3 feet - BIG!! - and, per linda's request, quite different colors - gotta dash - ruby's calling!

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