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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

we've been busy taking care of a puppy with a bad tummy...she's on the mend but it's been a struggle..meanwhile i'm working away at my united way project...and LOVING it!!... i haven't been posting much as i've gone along - can't decide if i should or not - i'm at the point where i'm adding some collage aspects and it's tricky going..once they're down, they're down...(i think...i haven't tried to remove any of them)...i'm using acrylic gloss medium to attach things.. and then those things actually become a part of the total piece. exciting...and scary!!!!....we aren't celebrating thanksgiving until saturday so i have tomorrow to work on my house and my project..i think i may do a painting of the irwin gardens home for the show on the 3rd as well...more for me to do in the next week - but what could be more fun????? happy thanksgiving to all!!

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