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Sunday, November 7, 2010

lazy morning...

8x10 oil on stretched canvas
this is a cropped image of my magnolia painting. i can't tell if there's a glare on the screen or whether i need to take another look at this's too cold up there right now to even be outside so i'll wait til it warms up a bit and then check it out and most likely start one of the other paintings i'm planning. it's so nice to be away from home and not have so many obligations and just be able to paint a bit.

and here's ruby - snoozing in her crate...even she's being lazy today and it looks like it may stay that way since it's very COLD!!! - sunny but windy and not even a good day (yet) for painting upstairs on the balcony. we're just relaxing after a night out with friends - a wonderful dinner in a condo overlooking the ocean...beautiful food and good conversation..and a good bit of wine...

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  1. Like your magnolias Susie. Give that puppy a kiss for me!