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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

for my friend shirley....

24x18 oil on stretched linen NFS
this is carl - my friend shirley's grandson - playing soccer on his team in plainfield indiana. carl is a stud, as you can see and shirley and her husband leland asked me if i would do a study of him doing what he loves best. years ago, carl's dad rick introduced me to and taught a class in transendental meditation. some time later he taught a class in wine appreciation and then went on to med school - quite a well-balanced career - i'm tickled to be able to do this painting for all of them! we leave in the morning for st. simons. i'm sure hoping to paint while i'm there, but as my friend stephanie ( said: " we see where your time's being spent"..and the sad/happy fact is - yes i'm spending time with my new puppy - i'll reap many rewards painting is suffering a bit but that, too, will pass....

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