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Saturday, November 20, 2010

getting started...

ok - i'm getting very excited about this project! it's larger than i usually work but i still managed to balance it on my easel. since this is acrylic and mixed media, my process will be a bit different. i plan to get all the local color blocked in - doesn't matter if i place my darks first. the fun thing about acrylic is you can keep going back in and painting over things...i did find that the copper paint i was using wasn't covering the lines of my drawing so i had to go back in with a more opaque paint and then i can go back over with the copper later. there's a lot to do on this -it's going to be "mixed" media...meaning i'm going to try a few things...and most of the work will be in the bag of toys but i wanted to post a bit of the work in progress. i meant to put the drawing first and then the start of the toy bag and then the last one..i still don't have the hang of this blogging stuff!

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