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Friday, November 5, 2010

we've arrived!!!

this is the view from the porch off the master bedroom on the third floor. we'll always have this view because it overlooks the parking lot for the public beach and coast guard station. you can just see the ocean over the trees.
this is the view from the porch off the great room on the second floor. when we bought this home probably 10 years ago, you could see a lot of ocean! - but over time all those houses across the street have spring up - good for the economy, i guess but really bad for the view!!! you can just see a tiny patch of ocean way down at the end of the street. but we love this place - two private pools down there and then the private gate to the beach - we're at the end of the island that's "accreting" - meaning the sand is coming back rather than eroding.

finally!! - it's been maybe 6 months, maybe more, since we've been on our beloved island! - just got in last night after a good trip with the dogs. actually ruby did great in the car for such a long trip - no accidents and slept a lot in her open crate - what a great puppy! - we were planning to golf today but it is mighty cold and even mightier windy!! we may just spend the day settling in and i might even get to do A BIT OF PAINTING...those caps were an accident but actually with that being my focus maybe i'll leave them!

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