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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

breakfast in mary progress...

so this is what i've been doing this's always such a good thing to copy the old masters because you learn so much...remember the vangogh sunflowers i did? - and actually i've done "breakfast in bed" before which i sold.....but that was several years ago and i'm thinking i'd like another crack at it! - mary cassatt was such a fabulous artist - i'm not sure if she started off with cool colors under her skin tones but that's what i'm doing here. the first image is her painting..then my start - getting the drawing in and starting the darks...then the cool undertones of the skin...may work, may not...but i'm thinking it will...i'm rather sneaking up on this and i'm having a lot of fun!!!..the reason it looks so strange is i completely lost track of time...(davey says i do that a lot..)...and i had to quit very abruptly so their faces are so patient...i'm hoping tomorrow will be good...!!

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