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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

first project

mountain stream study 6x6 oil on panel
today i tried three things: i wanted to practice tonal painting so i started with 3 values (or tones)- darkish, medium and lightish - hopefully it shows that in the first photo ( for some reason my photos are a bit glary!)..and then i wanted to maintain those values throughout the painting. i also used a limited palette: light red, yellow ochre and cobalt blue - plus black. i found a big tube of zinc white which i don't think i've ever used so i wanted to experiment with that. not so sure about the zinc white! - not so crazy about the consistency.... not wanting things to go to waste, however..(remember the starving children in china?)...i may just try it again. i'm planning to go through a lot of paint this year so maybe i need to use that up to get rid of it! (waste not want not...) i could work on this more this afternoon but i think i got out of the exercise what i needed and i may go on to something else! we're kind of snowed in today so i may just head back up there! - finished my quang ho dvd and i must say he is something - i love his philosophy and he has so much to offer!

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  1. This definitely has pluses. Using a limited palette is a great exercise and if you stir a little medium into the Zinc white it won't be as stiff.
    I love Windsor Newton Titanium white and Utrecht white. I don't care for Permelba white because although it's soft but not strong. You need to use a lot of it.
    You are making it happen.
    Now I'd better go and make it happen!!