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Sunday, January 16, 2011


6x6 oil on panel
so yesterday was a very good day!!...first of all, i wanted to do a portrait study...i have so many images around and not having the luxury of a live model to work with..( by far the best scenario)...i looked through my stuff and found this exotic looking gal from an old anthology catalogue. she has a very unique look and i may just paint her over and over to see what happens. also, my edgar payne book "composition of outdoor painting" arrived yesterday..and i've really been anxious to get into that. it was written in 1941 and i can tell i'm going to absolutely love it! i have so much to learn and the principles of outdoor painting apply to every other type of painting and so i'll dive in soon!...also we went to a delicious dinner with good friends before the IU game - and we finally got a win!!!!! - they played great defense and pruduced enough offense to pull it out. the best part was that they withstood michigan's late rally and in past games they just faded...couldn't get over the hump. now they know they can and we're looking forward to the next game!!...and then, to top things off, when we got home there was a check in the mail from midland in carmel. i sold "missed opportunity", my painting of the lady in the hat. it's bitter-sweet because we were about to bring that one home and hang it over the fireplace cause davey loved it so much. ah well - at least it's found a good home and someone else is hanging it...perhaps over their fireplace?...... plus, i forgot, the pack won!!! my hubby's a happy boy!!! - looking forward to today's games - after i've painted of course!!! ("christmas vacation", anybody?)

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