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Saturday, January 29, 2011

times square..(i think)..

so i finally got back to my studio - i finished quang ho's video on the still life and you'd think i'd go straight up and do a still life..and i will...soon...i have lots of subject matter to choose from - but i have to figure out the lighting situation. when i started this daily blog, i set up very small things and i used a spotlight but i'm trying to find a way to use natural lighting and still be able to see what i'm doing. that will take some working the meantime, and i'm sorry for the glare, this is from a photo i took on our trip to new york about a year ago. we stayed right on times square in the "w" ..a neat place to stay but not very roomy. they had a mirror stretching across most of the room, behind the bed, and i couldn't figure out why i looked so terrible in everything i tried on. then i realized: it was a "fat" mirror. you know how some mirrors are "skinny" mirrors and you could just stand in front of them all day??? not so much this one! so i figured i could eat anything i wanted because it was just the mirror, after all....anyway - this is not a view of times square - i know i have a couple photos of that but i think this is looking down one of the streets leading from times square. i'm not finished but i kind of like how it's falling together - loose and looser...

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