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Thursday, January 27, 2011

my sick boy...

well - i haven't done any more work on tillie and ols but i did a little project for my friend sukey today - i feel like i'm still totally immersed in art because my second batch of quang ho's videos arrived and i've been watching the one on still life...mesmerizing...i can't wait to get at it! - the problem is..i have so many things i want to try and i just need to get started...practice practice!! - i spent yesterday unpacking my package from jerry's ( was like christmas!!) and organizing my paints and brushes a bit...also starting to think about the redo on the bathroom and met some nice people at lee's supply...don't give me too many decisions though...sometimes i can't decide what to order when we go out for dinner...not sure i'll get to the studio tomorrow because i have a tennis match - plan to stop at the downtown midland to work on my wall there since i sold my lady in the hat. most of all...i need to be sure my hubby's ok - he came home sick from the ER yesterday and he's been sick all day today - we're finally going to try some good ol chicken noodle's hoping!!

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