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Monday, January 10, 2011

i'm getting excited....

i've decided this will be the year i get better!!..and to that end, i've spent the last several days reading, studying, ...yesterday and today i've been viewing my new video by Quang of the artist's recommended by david slonim...boy is he good!! i am so excited to get started - but i think i need to order some student grade paint to use for practice - i really don't know if this would be a good thing - they always say " use the best quality paints and brushes you can afford"..but i intend to go through a lot of paint in this next year and i may have to think about the frugality of things...ive been through kevin macpherson's new book and he lays out a bunch of exercises - more grist for my mill...i'm thinking if i'm just doing practice exercises and not intending to sell the pieces, i might as well use student grade paint, right? but sometimes wonderful things happen along the way so would it be fair to use lesser grade paint? im at a loss! i'm posting a couple studies i did last week - they need work but they were fun to do..this one above is a ballerina tying her shoe - very loose...but fun


  1. Hi Susie! I feel like you--this is the year to hopefully see some real progress. I stepped up to using real yellow (no hues) and it DOES make a difference in mixing colors. I'm also trying linen canvas. Now to just sell some stuff! Nice loose painting btw. AND how is the pup?

  2. Bravo! You just gotta take the bull by the horns!
    You can do it.