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Saturday, January 22, 2011

today i wanted to do a study using a lot of paint and not a lot of blending. this is a painting of my grandson ollie - i'm thinking this is what he'll look like in a few years. it's hard with kids not to get too angular and that's what's happening here...i'll work more on this tomorrow - i have a whole bunch of paint out and it's fun...can't wait to get back up there!!.....i want to give kudos to my daughter boogie. she participated in the "bop to the top" this morning! the "bop" is an annual RUN/WALK/CRAWL up 37 flights of stairs in the AUL building in indianpolis. boogs did this 2 years ago and really wanted to beat her time from then..and she did! - by a good margin!! - she's been training for this for weeks and she's so happy it's over! - it's very hard on the lungs, not to mention the rest of the body. so we are very proud of her!!! way to go, boogs!~!!!!

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