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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sneaking up...

i'm sneaking up on them...i would love to stage a scene like this, using my kids and grandkids - and give it a go! actually all of my grands are too old to stage this - bummer! - anyway - i'm having a lot of fun, trying to mimic her brushstrokes and color's been a long time since i saw this in person at the chicago art museum so i can't really remember..but i think she painted rather thickly - i think the underpainting of cool color worked as i painted over in warm flesh tones..there is so much color in her skintones..remarkable!! anyway - i'll let this rest for a day or two and go back and see what else i need to do. i have a couple other cassatt images i may tackle. NEWSFLASH: i just found out i'll be doing the last one-person show at bob anderson's stillframes gallery - that will be in april and i have much to do to prepare. i have enough pieces right now to hang a show but i sure want to do some new work especially for this opening. should be good incentive!

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