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Sunday, January 16, 2011

grand canyon study

6x8 oil on canvas panel

so i started the edgar payne will be fantastical!!! - just getting started and so much to cram in my head - i feel like i'm in school again!...anyway - i wanted to get to the studio this morning because of the games today so i started another study of the girl from yesterday. i worked for a while and then took a break for lunch and when the bears game appeared to be a blowout, i trotted back up there to finish the piece. was not working so i wiped it!!!decided to do a landscape piece instead because that's what i've been reading i searched through some photos and found several from many years ago. we visited the grand canyon with our good friends tim and katie and i took lots of pics! - i did this small study..of the grand canyon...oxymoron?...i quite like how it turned out and i think i may do a larger piece one of these days for the gallery. fun day - now to the jets - patriots game which has already started AND to a glass of wine!!

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  1. Edgar Payne is a genius and I must say your study is fabulous!
    So much so that I need to get out the photos from our visit in 2008 and paint them. So far it's been intimidating!
    Disappointing loss by the Patriots yesterday but the Jets outplayed them and that's the way it is.