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Thursday, October 7, 2010

468 pounds of "galoot"...

(note*...i have since been able to access my files so i'm uploading the pix!!)
so now i have my computer back up and running and i actually FOUND my camera charger! - i knew i wasn't crazy!!..SO I'M ALL SET! - so there we were in cayman yesterday - browsed around the jewelry stores and had lunch at a very overpriced and not very good place called the we were leaving we happened to look down this little stairway to the ocean and who should we see but two huge galoots getting tossed by the waves. it was dak and heck of course so after we got a quick pic we joined them and got absolutely wiped out by an enormous wave! and for some reason i can't seem to upload the image! rats! i'll keep trying but it may be that i'll have to wait to do most of that til i get back in the states. before we came back on board, my hubby bought me a beautiful gold bracelet with 3 little perfect diamonds - i was so thrilled!!...then last night we had a lovely dinner and then went to karioke..i couldn't get anyone to agree to sing with me but then monica walked in late and i had my accomplice! - we also dragged james up there - another IU cruiser - and we did a fine number..we sang "don't stop believing" and we were pretty fabulous! - then up to the lido deck for a bit of dancing - not too strenuous - it was almost one and we were tired. we needed to get to bed because today we hit jamaica - mon - and went to dunn's river falls - it's this fabulous waterfall that you climb up - all this rushing water cascading down around you and water at times up past your waist - we did pretty well for a couple of mid-sixty year olds! and then we had to avoid at all costs the beggars accosting us, starting with the guy at the stairs at the top of the falls who announced that this was the "tipping station" of all things! we'd been warned about this so we were prepared - we also did the falls on our own instead of joining a group - that way we avoided all the guys snapping pics in hopes of selling you a video at the end of the ordeal. had lunch at the hard rock.. some jerk chicken sangies and red stripes - now back in the cabin and, since we've already run out of scotch, we bought 6 little duty free bottles and snuck them back on the ship by pouring them into a tea bottle. very clever - so now we're resting up for a big night - no-one needs to get up tomorrow so we may have a fun evening in store - no need to hit the leg machine at the gym today - the falls did it for us!

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