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Friday, October 1, 2010

c-day approaches.... is "cruise" approaching and we are getting very psyched!! in getting my piles together, i'm realizing i have WAY more clothes than i need - maybe because i have a hard time letting go of anything...(i think i still have some over the knee "go-go" boots up there somewhere) hopefully, with all this i can pare down and give some stuff away..honestly, i've really tried over the years to do that but now i think it's staring me in the face - so i will do it...when i get home, of course! - packing up my computer and my camera so i can hopefully document some of the fun stuff we'll be doing. i can't wait for dunn's falls! and the stingrays...and the food! - someone mentioned the average weight gain is 8 pounds...i KNOW we can do better than that! ok - all for now...

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