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Saturday, October 23, 2010


12x12 hand-embellished giclee on canvas
so here's a giclee of one of my very early daily paintings..jennifer's old toe shoes which now hang in my studio where they await future painting, i swear!! this is my donation to this year's annual fund-raiser for our local arts association, CAAC. tonight's their big wing-ding and we won't be going. we haven't been able to attend for years, partly due to my hubby's schedule and possibly a little bit because one time our group got severely scolded when we got a little rambunctious and acted up in the back during the auction...(we were a rowdy group back in the day...much older and more sedate now...)anyway..i still like to support my local sherrif so i always donate either an original or a giclee, now that giclees have come into favor...i love the digital print technology which makes a print look quite like the original artwork..(can you say thomas kincaid?)...and especially when they're hand-embellished by the artist...or not..again, think kincaid....they can be good value and a nice work of art. i was going to post a bunch of stuff about ruby but as i was working on this post, i thought i was posting a ruby picture but i accidentally put up a very cute but funny picture of davey and in trying to delete that, i somehow deleted the whole post. huge bummer!!!!... so this is a second effort and i'll stop here and post the puppy stuff tomorrow....hopefully...

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