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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another dancing injury.....

well...i am NOT the best dancer on the ship, apparently! - last night before dinner we discovered this fabulous little bar with live music right across from our sit-down dinner venue...davey and i got the place going a bit until we had to leave for the late seating...then after dinnner, we dragged jackie and dak and monica and ski to this little spot for just a bit and then they dragged us to the michael jackson tribute...and that's when the fun began~! - the place was not exactly rocking when we arrived but in no time jackie. monica, davey and i had most of the crowd out there! - at one point i was dancing with this very smooth black mj wanna-be - and we were going to town when all of a sudden i tripped and couldn't catch myself - (i'm blaming it on the rubber crocs i was wearing - they wouldn't exactly slide and spin!) - i went crashing to the floor and this fine fellow actually came swooping in on his knees and we kept dancing so it looked like we planned it! dak actually asked if i did that on purpose!! it hurt like hell! - in fact i hardly slept - anyway...davey was out there shaking it down almost every dance. he was his usual fantastical self but he needed just a tiny break - so i grabbed "bob"...who said he would only dance if THRILLER came on...and it he did! dance....and while we were out there this gal came around and put a medal around my neck, saying i was officially in the dance contest. she tagged 4 other ladies and 5 guys - one of whom was BOB!!! - davey was so pissed! - sits out one dance and he gets "bobbed"...or as he likes to say "wally ( i think) pipped"...the guy who sat out one game and then lou gerhig played the next 4 thousand and 12 or something...anyway - we had the dance-off and even though i did my best, the crowd got behind these two other ladies, one of whom was from the short bus and the other looked like betty white...the betty white gal i think won the girls and for the guys...even though there were some mighty fine dancers - mj wanna-bes for sure...guess who won!!!??? BOB!!!! - plus he went on to win the entire thing and a bottle of champers...and he's been in my husband's face ever since!! - we are having a wonderful time with these new IU friends - and today had a eucher tournament - we all thought bob would win that too but some other guy did and i came in second - dumb luck and 3 hands of "going it alone" didn't hurt!!...i can't decide if there will be dancing in my future but after a couple drinks with dinner i just may have to hit the floor again...(not literally, of course!)

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  1. sounds like you guys are ripping it up! love it...

    tell Bob I'm comin for him to get sweet revenge for my father!