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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


what were we thinking??????? - nellie was 3 months old when we got her and ruby was 7 do the math!....she is the cutest thing going but boy is she a lot of work! - she's getting better about potty training but her little teeth are sharp and she's got a tenacious grip when she gets a hold of something. it's up to us...davey, nellie and i to socialize her and teach her to use her soft mouth and not her teeth. she's going to grow up to be an enormous dog and she needs to learn to be gentle. when nellie was a pup, we had little ones around her all the time so she learned early to be gentle - but i'm thinking scooby, the frenchie's dog, is like a litter mate and they scrap around and fight and it's going to be harder to get her to be gentle, i think. i had a whole bunch of images of her, along with all my cruise photos, etc on the other memory card...somehow it's gone and so we start over and, as my husband says, "move on"....hard for me, sometimes.

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  1. Pretty darn cute! Guess we know where your time goes these days. :o)