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Sunday, October 3, 2010


well i took so many fabulous pictures today...including one of a group of people doing the twist...and i asked them if they would mind being on my blog...and they said great! - i took one of us leaving the port, a couple of the inside of the pool of the outside of the boat as we were arriving...and then i went to post all this and i found i'd left my card in the computer. no card in the camera!!! i promise to do better tomorrow! - anyway...we actually stood in the VERY long check in line with the fellow who was the primary reason we're even taking this cruise in the first place - danny dakich - former iu player and assistant, head coach of bowling green, back as assistant at iu - interim coach under sampson during a very hard time for iu - now a fabulous radio and soon to be ESPN commentator...anyway...we met his wife jackie and traveling buddies monica and ron and found it was a very small world indeed...some stuff about the ship...almost 1000 feet long and around 300 feeet high - absolutely immense!!!! i've done a bunch of exploring and this place is unbelieveable - so much to do - i found myself in the middle of a spa tour in the blink of an eye...and the food!!!!!! - my friend michelle told me the average weight gain for a cruise is 7 or 8 pounds. from the look of perhaps 30% of the people on this ship..they have been on many many MANY cruises!!!!! i think you can eat at all hours of the day and it's all included so "what the hell"?! we did check out our dinner arrangements and we have regular 8:15 seating in the "posh" restaurant - unbelieveable! - i took a picture and..well you know the rest...maybe tomorrow...getting ready to meet the IU gang at 6:30 and then on to dinner. this is going to be so much fun! - and guess what my hubby just said..."maybe we SHOULD play golf"...go figure! - and he, of course, managed to get out of the call to muster drill - i knew he would! i was there frantic and he was relaxing in the cabin, having told the guy who knocked on the door that he'd been so sick and vomiting he couldn't leave the room. we DID manage to sneak our scotch on board!!! more later!

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