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Sunday, October 3, 2010

from our hotel balcony.....

so here's the view from our balcony here at the hilton marina in ft. lauderdale....i took this today..sunday morning...but it was way more fun to watch last night!..we think this may be between 100 and 200 feet - a true luxury yacht with a crew of i don't know how many. at least two girls and maybe three fellows scurried about most of the early evening, preparing for something. then all of a sudden, we saw a young couple - lounging - not working - they'd be on one deck, then they'd be on another - then they'd go inside and come back out - then they went up on the top deck and lay down with their feet kicking up behind them. this was after we came home from dinner...we took a break and watched the Blind Side - a wonderful movie, by the way!!!..then when we checked back in we saw what all the preparations were about. the two girls were serving 4 people dinner - very elegant it seemed - and the young couple had been joined by two other men. the rich are differect. but they still have to eat - even if it's aboard a fabulous yacht!! i think we caught a glimpse of the carnival freedom on our way to the hotel yesterday - if i'm right - this yacht will look like a toy boat...more later..and are we excited!!!!

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