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Monday, October 4, 2010

key west

it was so strange last night...first of all we had a lovely dinner - met two very lovely couples, one of whom was celebrating their 50th wedding ann'y! - then, since we ate so late, when we finally got back to the room it was quite dark...then it got strange.....on the balcony, with the ship traveling around 20 knots or so - we were making time and it was almost eerie - the birds looked like stars, darting about overhead - almost luminescent - and the vastness of it all - i was at that moment very happy and grateful to not be alone in the world - to have wonderful family and friends - i can't imagine how alone one would feel under that great big sky - lost in the middle of the ocean..if one didn't have faith and family and friends....we slept well and this morning pulled into key west - quite the tourist trap - lots of junky stores selling lots of junky stuff. we rented a couple bikes and got several hours of exercise - rode all over - got some great shots - the southernmost home for one...and now i have a delimma...i find i forgot to pack my camera charger! - i'm going to check to see if they have another - i actually bought a new battery for just such an occasion but it's supposed to be charged first so i'm in deep trouble! - i may just have to write about things and not do any pix - i'll probably wait til i get home to post most of the stuff since it takes so long out in the middle of the ocean. you can get some idea of the hugeness of our ship with this photo and out room is directly above the "N" in carnival!!


  1. Wow! Looks and sounds like you're having a great time - so thrilled for you! Happy, fun, and safe travels & we'll see you when you get back!!!

    Lots of love & many cheers - LYTPB!!!!

    J,J,T,O,B,D & of course...your big Nells who turns 9 today. Wow! Was it really that long ago? And don't worry...we're rolling out the red carpet for her today and will celebrate properly for the ol' girl.