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Monday, October 18, 2010

the ruby has landed!!!!

today was "D-Day" day for the newest addition to our family..RUBY BEGONIA!!!...we took nels and drove over to oldenburg...the great chicken place...but instead of chicken we got our sweet ruby!! - we had 4 to choose from and the minute i held this little girl in my arms and she licked my face i knew she was the one!...she is so calm...just what this family needs i'm thinking...and at the moment she's sound asleep in her crate, full tummy, puppy breath quietly going in and out and head resting on a toy the frenchies next door got her as a welcome home present. their golden, scooby, is 2 weeks older than ruby but he's a lot bigger and, being a boy, a lot more aggresive...go figure...i can see a whole lot of backyard frolicing in their future!...just returned from the cottage...with this new life ahead of us i sure hope i find time to fit a little painting into the mix. nels is still a bit wary but so far it looks like she's a keeper for sure!!

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