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Monday, October 11, 2010

a bit of the dunns river falls..

so i'm finally able to upload my pictures..back to normal wifi after the vastness of the ocean...this climb up the falls was just spectacular - i'm not sure i captured it and in certain places you were in water past your waist. i had to hold my fanny pack containing my camera up around my shoulders and davey kept having to hold his back pack over his head. (check him out in the first pic above).. we weren't even allowed to bring cameras or backpacks on the trek but we managed to skirt the official "group" so we never quite got the memo. it was so exhilirating - we wanted to turn around and immediately do it again but we were running out of time so we just walked down on the beach and my hubby, while looking for a bob marly hat, got bamboozled into buying a little carved piece - the guy gave us the first piece as a gift and then demanded to sell us the second and snarled when we didn't offer enough - really quite threatening...we were so happy to get out of there...anyway - back to work and real life...we're picking up ruby within a week and we're starting to break the news to nels...she's already exhausted from playing with scooby next door!! the weather is still hot hot hot so i'm thinking tennis will have to wait another week and i plan to hit the links in the morning!!!

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